Tired of office culture?

Same, so we decided to make hats and laugh about it.

If endless meetings, glitchy screenshares, predictable excuses and wasted efforts make your eyes roll — delicately clap back with your own Mammoth Mojo.

Mojo Moments

Pink Brimmies

Pink Brimmies

Like a mammoth with moxie, these pink beauties will let everyone know... 

Mojo Magic

Mojo Magic

Put a "wow moment" on your head! That's sure to distract them... 

  • Mojo for Everyone

    Order hats for your whole herd. Schwag for events, tradeshows, parties or special gatherings. Make your mojo memorable.

  • Mammoth PRIDE 💓

    We are an inclusive herd that welcomes and appreciates all people, whoever you are, wherever you're from and however you live. As long as you love, we love you, too.

  • Get mojo, give mojo

    Corporate is all about profits, but people count, too. Mammoth Mojo will donate 10% of profits to local charities and organizations that can use a helping hand.